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Content Consult #1. Content marketing & copywriting: 2 crafts that can't live without each other.

May 12, 2022
Catherine Op de Beeck
Content Strategy
Content Marketing

I know the feeling. You're overwhelmed by all that content and your business lacks a content strategy. You are in need of that handle to work towards more content results. I hate to break it to you but content marketing keeps growing so maybe it's time to take a closer and critical look into your content marketing approach. If you struggle with your content strategy, I have created the Content Consult podcasts. Every month companies get the chance to shoot their content strategy questions towards me during an inspiring talk. In this first episode I meet Jeroen V. , copywriter for Bloovi Magazine.

Content marketing and copywriting are inextricably linked with each other. Why content marketing can't do without powerful copywriting? To build trust with your target audience, your content must have copywriter quality. To increase the likelihood that your target audience will build positive memories around your brand, you establish a relationship with your audience. You do this by making each piece of content part of a larger story, and using copywriting to make your audience hungry for more.

Think like a copywriter!

So if you want your content marketing to work for you, you need to put on the hat of a copywriter. Bloggers who come up with good content but fail to attract repeat readers are living proof of this. Do you have a topic in your blog that will benefit a lot of people, but you don't see it reflected in your traffic? Then take a critical look at your copywriting techniques.

For example, here's what might be going on:

1. Your titles aren't enticing your reader

Maybe your titles don't attract enough attention. Or maybe your titles are too creative, leaving your readers with no idea how your article will benefit them.

2. You're not rewarding your reader for reading your content

Everything you give your reader, has to bring him or her something. A smile, a tear, the prospect of more time, more happiness, or better health. For this, take Maslow's pyramid of needs as a starting point.

3. Your readers feel too little trust

Your story may be beautiful, but if your readers have little confidence in you as a specialist, they will still drop out. The most important ingredient for trust? Social proof. Therefore, provide shareable content that is shared by the target group itself.

4. You've neglected your call-to-action

As mentioned, copywriting is the art of getting your reader to take a certain action. With your call-to-action, you literally ask your reader to perform that action. In doing so, make sure they don't have to think about it. Write in your calls-to-action: 'Yes, I need/want to read/want to have this'. This gives confidence that you know your target audience well and that you can really help your potential customers.

"Only content that is packaged in an easy-to-read story, that clearly answers the question "What's in it for me?", creates trust and is consumed and shared."

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