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Calls to Action: seduce visitors to do something.

August 31, 2021
Catherine Op de Beeck
Content Marketing
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Are you looking for ways to improve your business website? Would you like to convert more website visitors into sales inquiries or subscribers?

The team from Into The Deep Content shares its tips for more effective website call to action buttons in this infographic.

They break things down as follows:

  • Words to use and avoid
  • Ways to create an effective CTA
  • Ways to A/B test your website CTA’s
  • Key metrics to track

Call to what?!

Call to actions are those colorful buttons on every website where you supposed to click on. The only thing is that those CTA's are often boring or lead to the wrong landingpage. CTA's are all about converting your visitors into leads.

Did you know? 55% of visitors spend fewer than 50 seconds on your website. That's why a perfect call to action is a must!

The GO's and NO GO 's.

When creation your call to action, remember to use actionable copy. Remove such boring words as Download, Subscribe, Buy, Order or Submit that are forcing you to do something. Instead, use words that help your visitors feel like they are benefiting by clicking on your call to action. Here's a list of do's and dont's:

How to create an effective CTA?

For your CTAs to work effectively, you must ensure they are part of a well executed inbound strategy.

  • suggest value
  • use contrasting colors
  • keep it simple
  • give a clear message
  • use actionable copy
  • bright and bold

And what about tracking your CTA's?

In order to optimize your calls to action, you need to monitor their performance to figure out what could be improved.

Here are 3 key metrics to track:

  1. Click Through Rate: what percentage of the people have seen the call to action and clicked on it?
  2. Click To Submission Rate: how many visitors have filled out your lead form?
  3. View To Submission Rate: how many of the people that saw your initial CTA filled out the form on the landing page?

Be Awesome!

The best call to action phrases are clear but specific and create urgency that drives the user to action. If you have a truly irresistable offer, your call to action should sell its value.

We hope these examples gave you some food for thought for your own CTAs!

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