Communication Sprint = 

Communication Strategy  +  Communication Plan.

Whether you want to start with content marketing or adjust your current communication strategy. You must think before you act.  During 4 to 6 weeks and 2 workshops, we explore the soul of your brand and translate it into a clear communication strategy with a solid Communication Plan. In the end you know exactly what your message is and how you communicate it to the outside world in order to touch customers' hearts.

+ Story Book. A communication strategy.

Telling a story that really sticks and touche
s the hearts of your customers requires a storyline or a thread. Through our Story Book workshop, we work out a strategic plan. From your unique DNA, to content objective, channels and formats. We teach marketing the tricks of trendy communication anno 2022 and how best to translate this into your content.

+ How does it work?

1. Intake Talk

During the intake workshop, we immerse ourselves in your brand world. Using targeted questions, tools and exercises, we dive deeper into the authentic ID of your brand. We figure out your target audience and identify competitors. We define the scope together and determine objectives and priorities.

2. Research

Then we look for insights. By exploring as much data and information as possible. And by talking to real people. With this we get to work in and work out the storyline, the tone of voice, the proposition and your unique ID.

3. Story Design

During this live session, we review our work. We present our first proposal of the strategy and an umbrella concept, followed by a joint brainstorming about story formats and how to bring the brand story to life.

+ The Communication Plan.

Once your strategy is in place we work on your Communication plan to share your unique story with the world. 

What you can expect?

  • Identifying your objectives. Whether you want more brand awareness, better ranking in Google, data from website visitors, leads or something else.
  • Selecting target audiences and personas to determine what content we need to hit the right strings with the right people.
  • Coming up with a creative umbrella concept that serves as a common thread throughout all communications.
  • Determine the content "sweet spot" on which to develop strong content as a company.
  • Create content formats that make the brand story come to life.
  • Choosing channels: social media, website, blog, newsletter, custom publishing, press, etc.
  • Create a digital media plan that refines how we get your stories to the right audiences

Curious about your brand's story? Get in touch!

You Ask, I Answer

The Story Book Workshop consists of 2 sessions: 1. The intake workshop in which I gather information to work with. 2. The first presentation of the strategy + brainstorm to bring the brand story to life.

This workshop takes +/- 6 weeks to the final strategy. Taking into account the research phase and the exercises.

Yes! I'm your communication sparring partner, even after our strategy workshop. This will be calculated per hour.

You can book a Story Book Strategy Workshop by sheduling a moment via my Calendly agenda. This way we can first meet and talk about your wishes.

When you feel you don't engage with your target group. | When you want to revitalize your social media approach. | When you want to get started structurally with content marketing. | When you are miss a unique brand story and how to differentiate your brand. | When you want to take a leap forward in 2023.

You can ask for more information by filling in the contact form or by sending me a mail or message.