The Communication Challenge. 

Your online presence refined.

A Communication Challenge creates clarity. With this 1/2 day workshop you lay the foundation for your brand, marketing and communication. I’ve designed a blueprint to share my expertise and get you taking action. This challenge is pivotal to business growth, no matter the time of year, so what you learn will serve you for years to come.

+ Why a Communication Challenge?

-- Do you want to review or revitalize the social media marketing for your design | lifestyle brand?
Do you want to communicate better and deeper with your clients?
-- Do you have the feeling that you're stuck in the same pattern?

-- Are you in need of some inspiring tips and insights to level up your online appearance?

+ How does it work?

1. The Audit

During the audit we dive deeper in your current online presence. We take a closer look into your social media channels and website. This results in an Audit Report with valuable insights in how to improve your online presence based on your communication strategy.

2. The Communication Plan

We bring together the insights in a final Communication Plan. Your plan of action.

What to expect?

  • The communication goals defined
  • Content topics and the content calendar
  • Content channels
  • Content formats
  • The digital approach
  • Dividing the Roles
  • The media budget

Dare to do the challenge? Get in touch!

You Ask, I Answer

The Communication Challenge takes 1/2 day. From the audit till the final communication plan it takes +/- 3 weeks.

You can send me a message by filling in the contact form or you can schedule a moment via my Calendly tool.

You can ask for more information by filling in the contact form or by sending me an email or message via

You can expect the following deliverables: 1. A deep audit report 2. A communication plan based on your strategy Besides this you also receive valuable insights and tools.

A Communication Challenge is ideal: When you want to review your current communication strategy. | When you feel you don't speak towards your target group. | When you are in need of new communication insights. | When you want to take a leap forward with your brand in 2023.