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Into the deep Content worked with an accountancy office to build up a consistent content strategy with focus on developing outstanding content, and help it make the most of their website and social channels. 








FINIVO is an accountancy company with 4 offices in Belgium. They guide companies, self-employed and liberal professions in a personal and proactive manner in all phases of entrepreneurship. 

The Problem

Bringing Content to an Industry Not Known for Content Strategy. 

First of all, many of accountancy companies lack a good content strategy or let's say even a right content focus. It's something they don't have a ton of experience with. When it comes to content marketing for accounting firms, it may not be immediately obvious how you can leverage this type of marketing in your favor. 

Secondly, they often lack time and structure to make good and relevant content that distinguish them from the competitors. So they decide to copy what the competition does. (who are not an example as well to be honest). And in fact, it's boring content as well. 

Third, most accountancy companies (and other companies too according to our experience) don't have a strong tagline or promise or a red line to build their content around. This "promise to the client" is super important as it is a handhold to make good content with focus on the target group. 

I got in touch with Philippe V. (business revisor) at Finivo. He was excited to kick off with a good content marketing strategy as he had experienced the success of VGD. A big accountancy company that has understood that investing in content marketing is the way to GO. The way to attract new clients and to become a "sexy" employer. 

When they reached out, Finivo just launched their new website, was "present" on social and the monthly newsletter was in sleeping modus. It was clear to us that our 1Day Content Change Masterclass was the ideal solution for them to discover how they could do better. So? We kicked off!

"We were in a sleeping content marketing modus until we came in touch with INTO THE DEEP CONTENT. The 6 Weeks Content Bootcamp was an eye opener for the whole company. Now content marketing is integrated as a new philosophy. Catherine really helped FINIVO in taking a leap forward with content marketing." 

Philippe Van den Bossche 

Business Revisor, Finivo

Our Solution 

Understanding Your Ideal Client and Delivering Content They Want. 

  • 1 Day Content Change Masterclass 
  • "YOU CAN COUNT ON US" as a content support base 
  • fix the basics (content audit) 
  • a complete content strategy 
  • Data driven approach 
  • Blogging 
  • Newsletter 
  • Social Media 
  • Storytelling 

FINIVO began its partnership with INTO THE DEEP CONTENT in fall 2020. As with most of our clients, we launched a comprehensive discovery process to thoroughly understand the Finivo practice, its clients, and its short- and long-term marketing goals. 

The 1 Day Content Change Masterclass impressed me so much,” Philippe says. “Into the deep content genuinely had curiosity about our business and was interested in our business. They actually interviewed the stakeholders and a lot of our employees— that impressed the heck out of me. 

“The Into the deep content team wanted to tell our story, as well as share information with prospective clients." 

Four immediate strategies Into the deep content prioritized were updating the new Finivo website and the social channels, defining a good "promise to the client" tagline, boosting the quality of content, and turbocharging to employer branding.

Content Strategy kick off !

Content went beyond the one-size-fits-all pieces that Finivo’s previous partner was providing, instead addressing real concerns and questions. Into the deep content created content with focus on what Finivo's clients need. 

- An Ebook written Finivo's intern business lawyer Soraya 
- Social media posts with focus on attracting new employers 
- A company video 
- Interviews with some of the employers about working @Finivo 
- Information on services clients consider based on their business needs
- Dynamic blog articles written specifically for the Finivo's audience 
- A client focused Newsletter with topics that inform them 

“In all the premium content, our passion for client education is really in there,” Philippe says. “People are connecting with us in a really personal way before they walk in our door.” 

Into the deep content helped the Finivo team become pioneers in their content marketing approach. There's still a long way to go but the base is there to build on. "We changed from a zero content focus to a hero content focus with the whole company, Philippe says." 

The Results 

An Awesome Relationship and a Captivating Content Strategy 

A key to helping more clients and building trust is bringing more people to the website and keeping them coming back for more information. Into the deep content's custom tailored efforts with Finivo's new website, personalized and high-performing content, and other marketing strategies exceeded expectations on this front: 

  • New monthly contacts increased with 300 percent 
  • Social growth increased with 250 percent
  • Organic traffic increased with 200 percent. This level of organic growth takes time. After nine months of blogging with strategic SEO efforts, FINIVO's website is reaping the benefits, with future months trending toward continued growth. 

“We created an online experience that educates and advocates for clients and gives them the tools they need to grow with their business,” says Catherine, Content Strategist at Into the deep content - who helped guide the Finivo's retainer. “We wanted to get client contacts & job seekers up. With the tagline "YOU CAN COUNT ON US" Finivo has positioned themselves as an accountancy company with focus on the clients needs. 

“One of the things that was frustrating for me working with some of our partners was we had to rely on them for even basic web updates,” Philippe says. “I often felt, by the time I typed out this email with all of our requests of exactly what we needed done, and all the back and forth, I’m sure I could have done this all myself. 

“Into The Deep Content has empowered our team to make changes on the fly. It’s done faster, and it’s done right.” 

Into the deep content remains an important partner to Finivo, producing content, executing strategy, and, most recently, building up an employer branding strategy that provides an attractive positioning as an accountancy employer.

“I qualify this partnership differently, because it’s not like we’re just outsourcing to an agency,” says Philippe. “When I think about Into the deep content, I feel like they’re part of our team. When we’re frustrated about something, they’re frustrated. When we win and we want to celebrate, they’re celebrating right there with us.” 

In the past nine months, our team has truly integrated with Finivo's team and dug in to determine how we can continue to captivate its audience and provide value.