When my mother asks me what I do all day, this is my answer: I help interior, design & lifestyle brands to grow in this digital age by telling stories that touch customer's hearts.

Digital Content Strategist & Storyteller

Catherine Op de Beeck

Catherine is a lover of interior design and all things sophisticated. A storyteller pur sang who listens and observes attentively. She has over a decade of experience in communications, once building her own furniture collection and working with companies from both the creative and corporate worlds. This from real estate to interior design and lifestyle.

Her love for language, intuitive thinking and structured approach form a valuable combination in both writing brand stories and figuring out your communication approach.



We believe in the simple, not the complicated. What is less complicated is often better understood and more appreciated. This allows us to focus on what is important. We translate this into the way we work and the way we provide substantive advice.


We believe in saying NO to projects that are not a good match. This allows us to focus on the few projects that make sense to us.


We dive deep with our clients. This allows us to clearly understand their needs and how they operate. This means we rely on discussion and conversations. We firmly believe that the best ideas come from our direct communication with clients: thinking, daring and innovating together to better differentiate your brand.


We don't settle for anything but excellence. From strategy to execution to support. By supporting you at all stages of content strategy and production, we create high-quality content that is both innovative and customer-focused.


We are experts in what we do and at the same time we have a supportive attitude. We share and help our clients with all the knowledge we have.


Catherine op de Beeck is a team. A team that can grow and shrink to fit the project.

A refined selection of clients






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